Pinetops Community Garden


To build a stronger, healthier community by working together, growing together, and learning together


Community members will provide a space for gardening to grow healthy food, to share with those in need and to build a sense of friendship and community spirit.  Children and adults will connect to physical activity, improved nutrition, and learning opportunities to promote healthier, more active lifestyles.

The Pinetops Community Garden is the primary mission project of PPC.

The community garden is an extension of the Conetoe Family life Center, Inc. in Conetoe, NC. It is designed to provide fresh vegetables for people in need. It is also designed to help children learn about the value of gardening. The teachers in the local schools will use the garden as a learning lab, and the employees at the Vidant Family Medical Clinic are using the fresh vegetables from  the garden to benefit some of their patients. Partners include: Pinetops Presbyterian Church, The Town of Pinetops, local resident Marshall Dunn, Vidant Hospital, Edgecombe County public schools, Edgecombe Community College, Lowes of Tarboro, CuriosiTees, the Boy Scouts, and many local citizens who are helping to shape and sustain this garden project. Currently, there are 24 rows of vegetables which were planted by children in local schools, which are expected to yield 2,000 lbs of fresh produce.

The program began with a memorial donation given to the family of Ann and Vines Cobb. Ann was a singer, a music teacher, choir director, promoter of the arts, and an enthusiastic supporter of community endeavors. Vines was a long-time Pinetops banker, member of the Board of Education, member of the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners, and Mayor of Pinetops. He served as an elected official for 50 years. Ann and Vines served their church, town, county, and state. This garden is meant to honor their lifetime of community service.

The community garden program has brought a wonderful, diverse group of people together who have made the garden a reality. Folks are receiving countless blessings from working together. A “Blessing of the Garden” ceremony was held Sunday morning, June 11, 2017 at 9:00 am. The community gathered at the garden to give thanks for the work done and for the work yet to come.

Stay updated with the Pinetops Community Garden happenings through out Facebook page:

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